Educational Applications













There is an active community developing educational applications in the form of games and other types of programs.

Here are just a few titles that might interest you:

TuxPaint - paint program with add-in support, audio, and stamp libraries - great website!
TuxTyping - typing tutor
GCompris - suite of educational games - notice the languages represented for this application - you might use it in a language learning activity as well
Schoolsplay - suite of educational games
TuxMath - math drill program
TuxMathScrabble - Scrabble with math formulas
TuxWordSmith - Scrabble for multiple languages

The Thornburg Center is a great resource for educators, especially those interested in using open source software in schools.

SchoolForge is another great resource for the latest news about free, open-source educational software releases and developments.

The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) sponsors the Open Technologies Leadership Initiative, which promotes the use of open technologies in schools.

View the list of 10 success stories that illustrate influence on education, published by the Online Education Database. These examples could be augmented by many others.

K12EdCom provides course materials available for educators to share - these include several examples of free tutorials about how to use free software.

Open Educator, Inc. provides Open Planner, which is a development platform for educators who want to co-develop open curriculum.

In addition to the desktop software listed above, K12opensource includes information about budgeting and training and sponsors podcasts about free, open-source software use in schools.

The Texas Open Source Software Foundation promotes the use of free, open-source software and lists an extensive collection on its Tools page.

Indiana's Linux initiative is introduced in this article from August 2006.