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Selected Articles and Books

A Few Recent Articles (most recent are listed first)

Open educational resources: Reviewing initiatives and issues (February 2009)

The unwalled garden: Growth of the OpenCourseWare Consortium,
2001–2008 (February, 2009)

Harvard starts teaching open source (4/10/2008)

Ubuntu breathes new life into school's abandoned hardware (4/8/2008);609377314

Minds on fire: Open education, the long tail, and learning 2.0 (January/February, 2008)

Open educational resources: Enabling universal education

How open source saved a school district’s IT department (9/21/2007)

Economist: Technology in 2008 (12/23/2007)


Kelty, C. (2008). Two bits: The cultural significance of free software. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Moody, G. (2002). The rebel code: The inside story of Linux and the open source revolution. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishers.

Raymond, E. S. (2001). The cathedral and the bazaar: Musings on Linux and open source by an accidental revolutionary.  (Rev. ed). Cambridge, MA: O'Reilly.

Stallman, R., & Free Software Foundation (Cambridge, Mass.). (2002). Free software, free society: Selected essays of Richard M. Stallman. Boston, MA: Free Software Foundation.

Weber, S. (2004). The Success of Open Source. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Williams, S. (2002). Free as in freedom: Richard Stallman's crusade for free software. Farnham: O'Reilly.

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Case Studies, Conferences, and Related Websites

Case Studies

Kamloops/Thompson School District in British Columbia, Canada -
SchoolForge case studies -
Morris Brandon Elementary in Atlanta -
Indiana's inACCESS Project - and
San Diego's Always On Project - and


K12 Open Minds Conference -
NECC 2008 -

Related Websites -
Free Software Foundation -
Open Source Initiative -
Newsforge -

Steve Hargadon
      Interviews -
      Group site -  
      Classroom 2.0 -
      K12OpenSource -

Chris diBona/Leo LaPorte's interviews/conversations -

SchoolForge -
      including case studies at

SourceForge -

Consortium for School Networking -

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International Perspectives and Free Courses

The Online Education Database tracks online programs. In April 2007, they published a list of 80 open education resource tools.

With 1800 courses currently available, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hosts one of the premier collections of open courseware.  View the courses at MIT OCW.

Carnegie Mellon University also provides a number of free courses through its Open Learning Initiative.

Connexions, sponsored by Rice University, hosts over 9000 freely available modules in its database.

The Open Educational Resources (OER) Commons, hosted by the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) in Half Moon Bay, California, invites educators to share materials across a range of subjects and levels.

Curriki is another example of a site where educators can share course materials. Scott McNealy, chairman and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, is a founding partner of Curriki.

The Open-of-Course site, started by two Dutch companies, offers more free online courses and tutorials.

The Interoperable Delivery of European eGovernment Services to public Administrations, Businesses, and Citizens (IDABC) provides a European perspective on free, open-source software and related projects through the Open Source Observatory.

In collaboration with the FSF, UNESCO offers the Free & Open Source Software Portal, which provides an international view of projects. The United Nations Development Programme includes the International Open Source Network, which includes another international view of free, open-source software issues, use, and projects.

This study investigates the use of free, open-source software in the UK.

This site from India offers an international listing of resources - scroll down to the 14th section entitled, Geographical Free Software & Open Software Groups.

The Association for Progressive Communications lists an extensive array of projects, Web sites, books, research articles, and training materials about free, open-source software.

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